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Diversey Soft Care Line Dispenser is a wall mounted dispenser for all Soft Care Line skincare products. It’s sleek and has a hygienic design that is easy to clean and robust fittings to suit all sorts environments from healthcare to commercial kitchens.

Robustly made moulded in ABS plastic Diversey Soft Care Line dispensers are strong, impact resistant and corrosion-free. The entire front cover acts as a “push” dispensing system making the dispensers not only straight forward and intuitive to use, but more robust than other “pull” trigger systems available on the market.

A transparent panel in the front of the dispenser enables operators to view the product name and level of the contents, helping to enhance efficiency of washroom maintenance. Easily fitted to any surface, either with integral self-adhesive pads or with the screws provided.
Soft Care Line products are packed in hermetically sealed pouches with an integrated dosing pump. This ensures that the contents remain free from contamination (airborne or from hands), helping you maintain hygiene security; helping to protect your colleagues, customers and brand.

Pouches, pumps and nozzles are disposed of when empty, avoiding the risk of bacterial build-up. The bag separates easily from the box and as the pump and bag are both made from polyethylene, they can easily be recycled. Hand soap is dispensed at 1ml per dose; 0.4ml per dose of foam soap.

Soft Care Line products save you time and effort. The colour coded cartridges can be changed in seconds and the dispenser is easy to install. A window in the dispenser makes it simple to see which product is in use and how much is left.

The sleek, contemporary style of Soft Care Line dispensers compliments a wide range of wash room designs. As there are no drips, clogging or potential dirt traps on the surface of the dispenser, it is easy to keep clean.

The Soft Care Foam dispenser is also available with specially designed, child-friendly Bug Blasters covers.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 16 × 11 cm

Moulded ABS Plastic

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