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Diversey Soft Care Line Aquagard Barrier Cream is a highly effective barrier cream. When applied to clean dry hands it forms a protective barrier on the skin, keeping the hands’ natural moisture in and keeping irritants out.

Key Properties

  • Protects skin through it’s formulated blend of waxes, oils, inert silicates, and humectants. Waxes and oils are hydrophobic substances which, when spread over the skin, form a water-repellent, protective film. This barrier helps prevent moisture from leaving the skin either through general work or through repeated hand washing
  • Uses inert silicates to prevent ingress of dirt in to skin pores and creases, helping maintain the skin’s healthy, hygienic character. Soft Care Aquagard contains emollients to keep skin soft and smooth. By keeping skin crack-free and healthy, it is both easier and more pleasant to perform and maintain hand hygiene
  • Perfume free, making it suitable for use in all areas, including healthcare and food service environments
  • Skin compatability tested (Patch test)
  • Biodegradable and ethically sourced
  • Safe and sustainable ingredients
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 36 × 15 × 14 cm

6 x 800ml refills

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